At IBC, our commitment is to our members and to ensure that they are at the fore front of every decision that we make, taking into account that the member’s best interests are key to our business.

We have shown over 210 independent builders merchants our commitment to their business. Now more than ever, we are able to offer more value to their IBC membership.

New supply deals are allowing us to introduce products and suppliers to our membership that they may not have been able to work with in the past. Our ever increasing team of dedicated professionals are working day to day to ensure that IBC are receiving the best deals from the best suppliers.


Market Leading Suppliers

Access to the industry’s leading suppliers of building materials

Account Management

You will be assigned your own dedicated account manager


Honest and open with all our members. All deals are available for all members to take advantage of


Working together towards a more competitive future

Marketing Support

Our dedicated marketing team help you to promote to your customers 

Developing Relationships

With over 200 members, we can help open the door to an ever growing merchant membership 


  • Paul Pamment - CT Baker

    We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for IBC

    Paul Pamment - CT Baker
  • Paul Pamment - CT Baker

    We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for IBC

    Paul Pamment - CT Baker

How we work with Builders Merchants


In order to deliver better services and information to our members, IBC are committed to investing in innovative technologies and systems to enable members work more strategically and develop sales and margin growth.


We will structure and help you implement a detailed plan that’s completely in tune with your business, whether you are a multi-branch merchant or a single outlet. IBC’s Intelligent Commitment means we’ll work smart to meet your business needs on an individual basis, strengthening your independence.


IBC thrives on developing and delivering services that are beneficial to your business and that ensure your future success. Our long term vision means you will enjoy unprecedented commitment and that the benefits you receive always meet your needs. Simply put, the more members engage with IBC, the more benefits and successes you will enjoy.


Our supplier deals are structured to deliver the best balance of price and margin protection, by way of both timely paid rebates and more flexible order quantities, providing you with better access to a wider range of products for you to sell, meaning you are not tying up valuable working capital in order to get the best prices.



Clear and regular communication is key. That means giving you the right information and when you need it, from new deals, to membership benefits, to rebates and market trends. It also means ensuring we deliver this through the right channels that suit you, be it printed, emails, phone or face to face. The IBC Team are here for you.


Ultimately, it’s about Commitment. IBC getting commitment from suppliers to deliver members the best deals. IBC’s commitment to you to ensure we deliver the best services that help drive and grow your business. Commitment has always been at the centre of IBC’s values – the difference now is that IBC are not just upping the game – we are changing the way the buying group is played.


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