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Focused Direction at IBC

By September 18, 2018 No Comments

Focused Direction at IBC

By Kishor Harsiani – Strategy and Finance Director

I have been overseeing IBC as a board member since 2016 and was formally appointed as the Strategy and Finance director as of April 2018. I wanted to share an update with you now that we have had time to implement some of the ideas of improvement. 

Change is often needed to take an organisation to the next level and this can present risks to all concerned. I am extremely proud of the team at IBC who have responded to the changes in a positive manner and have supported me and each other over the last 6 months.

We reviewed what it would take to better our role as a true business partner for both our builder’s merchant members and suppliers. There was room for improvement to become a low cost, fit for purpose function for members and suppliers. This allows us to return more rebate to members. We have also restructured our business around 4 functional pillars with the foundation of strategic themes that were common to all stakeholders, Partnership, Strength and Value. 

Members are enjoying more rebate through increased purchases via IBC deals as we roll out more loyalty schemes.

The Strategic Pillars of IBC

The Four Pillars of IBC 

The four pillars of IBC have given us renewed focus with new systems and processes that will and have already allowed us to improve our service.


  • Talk to members and understand their needs
  • Utilise our on-field membership team to increase deal traffic and enhance profitability for members
  • Leverage our unique relationship with developers and contractors to grow merchant trade via our new venture C3 Alliance – more details to follow.


  • Attract more members by having competitive deals and help suppliers grow
  • Negotiate better quality deals and improve current offerings in line with the market
  • Timely feedback on turnover submissions to ensure member activity is captured accurately


  • Have the right information through investment in systems enabling accurate and speedier rebate payments
  • Our rebate calculations are now fully automated further reducing turnaround times
  • Updating our information content in both external websites and internal member portals
  • Enhance the use of our CRM tool to better serve our members and suppliers


  • Enhance deal and benefit awareness for deals that make sense to the member’s profile
  • Work with suppliers marketing teams more closely to leverage their expertise

So What’s Next? 

We will be sharing more of our plans with you – Including a brand new easy-to-use member’s portal due to be launched by the end of this year. This will allow greater access to our supply deals along with live rebate calculations and exclusive offers, customised for our members.

If you have any questions please get in contact with your local account manager 

Phone: 020 3195 7957

Email: info@ibcbuyinggroup.com