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‘Great support from day one’

By November 17, 2020 No Comments

Silviu Motac of Motacus Builders’ Merchants explains why joining IBC Buying Group was a priority for the company right at the start of their journey as a builders’ merchant.

Joining a buying group offers a real business advantage to any independent merchant, regardless of whether they’re just starting out, or have been established for many years.

North London-based Motacus Builders’ Merchants joined IBC Buying Group in early 2020, shortly after the merchant opened its doors. The company might be a young builders’ merchant, but Motacus has a long history as a builders’ merchant’s customer, having spent years running Motacus Construction in the local area.

Store manager Silviu Motac explains: “We’re a family run business with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, both in the UK, Romania, and in other countries such as Bahrain and India. We felt that setting up Motacus Builders’ Merchants was the correct next step for us as a company.

“We believe our unique blend of industry knowledge and business connections have given us the industry professionalism needed to run Motacus Builders’ Merchants – the builders’ merchant other builders need.”

Based near Brent Cross, London, Motacus offers its customers a wide range of trade supplies from timber and sheet materials, through to insulation, roofing, plastics, drainage and flooring. The company is already planning to expand its product range to include cladding and floorboards, to reflect its growing customer base of both large and small contractors.

Unlike some other newly established builders’ merchants, Motacus’ position as part of a larger group of construction companies allows it to offer a wide range of different trade services, such as timber cutting, special orders and the supply of sustainable natural oak, as well as assistance for stone, joinery and metalworks.

Silviu explains: “We also provide construction advice and quantity surveying. Being part of a group of companies that includes joinery, steels, stone, and construction, means we can offer, together with the building materials and under the same roof, other services that are essential in today’s building environment.

“We offer flexibility and an exceptional level of service to our customers, and we understand the industry from both the merchant’s side as well as the construction side.”

Perhaps it is because Motacus Builders’ Merchants is, itself, part of a wider group of companies, that it was so keen to join a merchant buying group early in its own history, to make the most of the advantages that come with being one company among a wider consortium of like-minded businesses, all striving to achieve the same goal.

As part of IBC Buying Group, Motacus has access a wide range of leading suppliers, with competitive pricing deals thanks to IBC’s collective buying power of more than £650 million.

Motacus’ ethos is also to form long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, which fits exactly alongside IBC’s own core focus of creating great, long-term partnerships, that bring strength and value to its members and suppliers.
“Being a new independent merchant, we felt that we needed help getting access to better suppliers, and to get better terms when we negotiate with them, which is why we decided that IBC was the best option,” Silviu continues.

Unique to membership of IBC Buying Group, Motacus has access to a dedicated Divisional Manager, who works closely with the merchant to develop their business relationships with IBC suppliers, and to keep them informed with the very latest promotions and new products that can help them to grow.

IBC’s Divisional Managers bring a wealth of experience to their members, effectively acting as another member of staff that merchants can call on for help and support whenever it is needed.
Silviu adds: “IBC gives us great support in finding the right suppliers, and their constant communications help our business continue to grow. They are dedicated to continuously searching for new suppliers and greater deals for all of their members, and we’re delighted to be an IBC member.”

As well as strengthening their business through competitive deals and special promotions from IBC suppliers, Motacus Builders’ Merchants is also able to monitor and manage their IBC account online using the latest digital technology as part of the IBC Business Information Zone (BIZ).

The IBC BIZ allows members to access the very latest information about their IBC Spend, Turnover and Rebates, so that they can make informed business decisions based on the most up-to-date financial information. BIZ also allows IBC members to check invoices and raise any turnover queries, making it easier than ever before to finalise their finances.

More details about the benefits of becoming an IBC Buying Group member can be found at www.ibcbuyinggroup.com.

More information about Motacus Builders’ Merchants can be found at motacusmerchants.co.uk.