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How to use Facebook videos to grow your business

By September 19, 2018 No Comments

How can your business exploit the obvious benefits of Facebook videos? Richard Costello describes four of the best techniques that you can use so that Facebook videos will grow your business.

More and more videos are being featured on Facebook, and it is now extremely rare to scroll through your news feed without watching a video at least once. Videos are a great way to present ideas and information in an engaging and accessible way. Facebook makes it easy because the viewer doesn’t even need to press a button as the video starts playing automatically. Facebook videos amass in total over 32 billion views a day, and many companies are latching onto to this trend to help them with their marketing. Evolving your market strategy to include Facebook videos should be a no-brainer for boosting your business, but like with everything, you need to know what you’re doing in order to fully exploit the benefits.

1. Add a Featured Video as Your Page Banner

This is a relatively new feature that was recently introduced by Facebook which allows you to feature a video as your page banner rather than using a picture. When someone visits your Facebook page, the video plays automatically. This is a great opportunity to introduce the viewer to your page and business and showcase exactly what you have to offer them. It can encourage them to explore more of your page and, hopefully, contact you. Aim to use engaging visuals and audios when making the video, whilst keeping your target audience in mind.

2. Boost Your Video Views with Facebook Ads

The more a video is viewed, the more it is likely to be liked and shared. Getting the initial video views can sometimes be a struggle. That is why it is worth budgeting for Facebook Video Ads, so that your video gets a respectable view count quickly. Social media is often a popularity contest so if a viewer sees that the video has a lot of views then they are more likely to watch it. Your potential customer is likely to respect you if your videos have high engagement figures.

3. Embed Facebook Videos in Your Blog

Does your business run any blogs? If not, then start! Embedding a Facebook video into a blog post is great as it sends the reader back to the Facebook page and the viewer can see the engagement that it has had. You can embed the video using a handy link to the video provided by Facebook, which you can send to other blogs or businesses who may be interested in referencing your video in their own posts. This gives you the chance to spread the knowledge of your brand and business to as many people as possible.

4. Use Facebook Insights to View Video Performance

It is fairly easy to track the performance and success of each video since you can see the number of ‘likes’ they have, the comments left about them, how many views they have, and how many times they have been shared. What people often don’t know is Facebook provides ‘Insights’ for every video. These are analytics created by Facebook which tracks the progress of the video and reports how successful, or unsuccessful, it has been. You can use these insights to see which of your videos have been more engaging and use similar techniques for the next video you post. The time and day of when the video was published can have a significant impact on the videos performance. If you post whilst your audience is asleep it will severely harm its performance. Facebook Insights help you to analyse what days you should be posting and at what times.

So, there you have it, how you can use Facebook videos to grow your business. There are many other tips and tricks out there to use, but in my opinion, you should use the trips described above as a minimum.

Richard Costello, from Dartford in Kent, is the owner of MultiPlumb and has been involved in the plumbing industry installing bathrooms and boiler systems for over 15 years.

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