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IBC Brickfinder releases new offers for August

By August 17, 2020 No Comments

The August 2020 edition of IBC Brickfinder is now available for IBC Members, complete with many exclusive deals and promotions from the UK’s leading Brick Suppliers.

Companies who are offering Promotions to IBC Buying Group Members during August include Forterra, Kingscourt Brick, Imperial Brick, Ibstock Brick, The Bespoke Brick Company, and Edenhall.

With more than 40 special promotions on Bricks available through IBC Brickfinder during August, it’s more important than ever for IBC Members to make the most of the offers available as soon as possible.

Graham Vines, IBC’s Brickfinder consultant, said: “It appears that most brick suppliers are very busy, and this looks like it will continue through August. Supply on some bricks has already become a problem, so IBC Members should order their allocations for their yard stock for the rest of the year to avoid supply issues.”

Where a specific brick is required for a project, IBC’s Brickfinder service can also get it registered and source the bricks needed, or offer close alternatives that will help you secure those projects quickly and efficiently.

IBC Members should contact their IBC Divisional Area Manager today to find out how the Buying Group can help.

One IBC Member who is already taking advantage of the IBC Brickfinder service is Guildford Tipper Hire. Managing Director Dick Lane said: “Being part of IBC has allowed us to expand our brick offering during COVID-19, which in turn has helped existing and new customers with their building projects.

“The knowledge that IBC possesses of the brick market is second to none, and their very competitive pricing has allowed us to trade in a very competitive market.”

For more information on the IBC Brickfinder Service, email ibcbrickfinder@ibcbuyinggroup.com

For more information on the benefits IBC can offer to independent merchants across the UK, visit www.ibcbuyinggroup.com or call 020 3195 7957.