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IBC Buying Group builds on strong foundations

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24th May: The Independent Buying Consortium (IBC) is looking to the future as it continues to build on more than 10 years of operation.

Already a leading Buying Group with more than 180 merchant members and over 90 suppliers, IBC has undergone a period of internal reorganisation over the past 12 months, as it seeks to take its business to the next level and bring even more benefits to the industry.

IBC exists to support independent merchants, working in partnership to improve their business efficiencies, offer enhanced product deals and help them compete on a level playing field with their national plc counterparts.

As well as competitive deals on core heavyside building materials, IBC offers its members a wide range of business support services. An experienced team of 12 full-time members of staff work tirelessly on their members’ behalf. They negotiate deals, special offers and promotions, and remove the time burden that merchants can face as members of some other buying groups.


The four pillars of IBC

Over the past year, IBC has invested considerable time and energy in enhancing its systems and processes to ensure they continue to offer the very best professional support, product deals and financial benefits in a changing market.

These systems and processes are based around four core pillars: Membership, Commercial, Finance & Data, and Marketing, which build upon IBC’s core foundations of bringing partnership, strength and value to the sector.

IBC has established open, two-way communications with its membership, making sure it fully understands their needs and how the Group can work with its stakeholders to facilitate growth for all. Its account managers increase deal traffic and help members better access the many opportunities IBC membership provides, and to encourage new members to join the Group. This, in turn, strengthens IBC and enables it to secure even greater benefits for the entire membership.

IBC’s Commercial focus ensures it can always offer members the best possible deals, while giving suppliers access to independent merchants with a combined buying power in excess of £650 million. IBC keeps a timely watch of market developments, reacting quickly and efficiently to any changes to help its members stay ahead of the competition. Regular feedback on turnover submissions ensure member activity is captured accurately.

Much of IBC’s investment over the past year has focused on its Data processing, establishing the correct internal systems to provide its members with more accurate, faster rebate payments. IBC’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool has been improved and updated, while fully automated rebate calculations mean members can now check their account information on IBC’s exclusive Member Portal, further reducing turnaround times.

IBC’s dedicated Marketing team are now working more closely with suppliers’ own teams to leverage their expertise and communicate effectively with IBC members, ensuring they are fully aware of all available deals, promotions and special offers.


New Director joins the Board

The IBC Board has unrivalled years of experience working across the industry in both merchant and supplier organisations, giving them a thorough and in-depth understanding of the market.

Commercial Director Dave Robertson, the newest addition to the IBC Board, joins Strategy and Finance Director Kishor Harsiani, Commercial Director Paul Read, and CEO Vick Patel, all of whom are dedicated to building on IBC’s existing successes and transforming the business further. The Board is focused on delivering exceptional value to its members, securing quality partnerships with the industry’s leading material suppliers.

Kishor said: “This is a truly exciting time for us. The four pillars of IBC have focused the team and our plans for the future, with new systems and processes in place that have allowed us to improve our service. Our suppliers and members are already seeing the benefits and we firmly believe that we can continue to offer long-lasting partnerships of strength and value to all our stakeholders.”

For more information on the benefits IBC can offer, visit or call 020 3195 7957.

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