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IBC Goes Eco With Latest Promotion from Sherwin-Williams

By September 15, 2020 No Comments

IBC Buying Group is working with Supplier Partner Sherwin-Williams to bring sustainable construction products to independent merchants, with the latest range of Geocel and Dow sealants.

The ecoseal system offers a comprehensive range of sealant foils that use a unique, reusable sleeve system to minimise packaging waste on site. Designed to be durable and simple to use, the 300ml ecoseal foils can be used in a standard sealant gun by using the ecoseal sleeve.

More than 100 million plastic cartridges end up in UK landfill sites every year, and a recent survey from the Considerate Constructors Scheme found that 81% of respondents believe the sector is not doing enough in this area. Some 95% of those respondents wanted to see the construction industry reduce its consumption of plastics and packaging – something the ecoseal system is well placed to do.

Empty ecoseal foils are more than eight times smaller than standard cartridges, and up to 60% lighter, which is especially useful with many companies charged by the tonne to dispose of waste.

Contractors using sustainable products with proven green credentials can also have an advantage over their competitors when bidding for public sector contracts, making them a core product for independent merchants looking to support their customers.

The ecoseal system is currently available on a number of the company’s sealant products, including The Works Pro white and clear, the 799 in clear, the 785 in white and clear finish, and the 796 in white and brown. It is also available in the white Painters Mate product.

Dave Robertson, Commercial Director of IBC Buying Group, said: “At IBC, we are always looking for new products from our Supplier Partners that offer something different, and this is especially true of environmental and sustainable products. The ecoseal system from Sherwin Williams is a terrific way  of reducing packaging waste on site, something that we know is really important for our merchants’ customers.”

For more information on the benefits IBC can offer to independent merchants across the UK, visit or call 020 3195 7957.