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New IBC Business Information Zone Offers Even Stronger Levels of Co-operation

By October 1, 2020 No Comments

A new online Business Information Zone (BIZ) was launched today (1 October) by IBC Buying Group as the next step in its ongoing drive to bring Members and Suppliers even greater benefits.

The IBC BIZ puts essential data about Members’ IBC accounts at their fingertips, making it easier than ever for them to manage their accounts and develop long-lasting relationships with IBC’s 130+ suppliers.

Using the Zone, Members can access the very latest information about their IBC Spend, Turnover and Rebates, so they can make informed business decisions that are always based on the most up-to-date financial information.

A unique feature of BIZ is the extremely advanced Product Search function, which allows Members to quickly search for and locate any specific product or product type across all IBC Suppliers, so they can easily find exactly what they’re looking for at any time.

Other key features of the new Zone include the ability to check invoices and monitor rebates due, as well as seeing how their current spend compares with previous quarters. All financial information can be filtered by a wide variety of options and turned into downloadable reports, allowing Members to drill down and examine their account any way they wish.

The system can also be used to raise automatic queries with suppliers on invoice discrepancies, making finalising IBC Members’ finances quicker and simpler than ever before.

The previous IBC Member Portal is now housed within the IBC Zone, so Members can rest assured the new site will still bring them all the features and benefits they’re used to. These include the very latest IBC News, price change notifications, promotions, deals and special offers, all with a streamlined, easy-to-use navigation – allowing them to react even faster to the many opportunities and benefits that being an IBC Member brings.

To help Members make the most of their long-lasting relationships with IBC’s leading Suppliers, they can also access all IBC’s Approved Supplier Agreements, complete with information on terms and conditions, delivery information, price lists, and full Supplier contact details.

A full database of brochures, marketing collateral, and product information is also on hand to help Members find exactly the products and suppliers that they need, whenever they need them.

Kishor Harsiani, Strategy and Finance Director at IBC, says: “The new IBC Business Information Zone is a game-changer for independent merchants, who can use our new site to take advantage of the many benefits of being an IBC Member. The ethos at the very heart of IBC is to help our Members and Suppliers create strong, valuable partnerships that help them take their businesses to the next level. Everything in the new IBC Zone has been designed to facilitate that, bringing Members and Suppliers  together and giving them all the tools they need to fulfil their potential.”

For more information on the many benefits of being an IBC Member or Supplier, visit www.ibcbuyinggroup.com or call 020 3195 7957.